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All AddThis Tools Now Free

All AddThis Tools Now Free

AddThis has announced it has canceled its Pro and Business paid plans.

According to them, all the AddThis social media and audience targeting tools including the Pro and Business suite of tools and all associated features are now completely free.

Why Made them free?

In their own words, “two of our biggest pillars are sharing and simplicity. We pride ourselves on being open and making things as easy and seamless as possible for our users. We want to share AddThis with as many sites as possible, so we’re getting rid of our Pro and Business paid plans. Simple as that.”

“If you are wondering how we make money, you can read more about our data and audience solutions here. We feel strongly that a business model based solely on our value exchange was the simplest and most transparent path forward for our customers.”

What has changed?

If you are already using a free version of the AddThis tools, or if you were a paying customer, your AddThis integration will not change and will continue to act as it does today. Essentially, this means, all users are now their top-tier customers, according to them.

Existing free customers will now notice some new, additional functionalities in their AddThis tools dashboard, such as:

  • More customization options including branding capabilities, color adjustments, etc
  • Ability to apply more targeting rules
  • Expanded promotion capabilities

And, Those with Existing Annual Plans, What About Them?

Will they get a refund?  YES!

According to AddThis, this set will get a pro-rated refund. Hear them, “If you have already paid for a year of AddThis Pro or Business, never fear! You will be getting a pro-rated refund. All users under this umbrella will receive an email but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.”

In Conclusion, AddThis urged, Go forth and be free!

Read the full announcement on their website, here.

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