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It could be anything. Your business, your idea or project name. It could also be your name, son’s or daughter’s or even your pet’s name. Your domain name could be just about anything you desire you want it to be. We’ve got all the tools here at Noworryhost to help you check your choice availability, discover new ones and choose right among the various options.

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Domain Names

Simply, a domain name is your website address on the internet. Internet users type it into their web or internet browsers or click on a link that contains it to access your website.

A domain name can be any combination of letters, numbers and some allowed characters, and it can be used in combination of various domain extensions, such as .ng, .com, .net and more.

Here is an example of a domain name: Another example is is also a domain name.

A domain name must be registered before it be can used by anyone. Noworryhost is a top domain name registrar. We help with every aspect of getting your domains registered, to management, transfer and resale where applicable.


Find that perfect dream domain name for your idea, project, enterprise or just anything you fancy and get it registered today!


Transfer your domains to us and get your domain expiry period extended by an extra 1 year. The process is easy and fast.

New extensions

The new domain extensions extend the available domain names now available for one to choose from. Check out the latest!


The new domain extensions extend the available domain names now available for one to choose from. Check out the latest!

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We care for your domains like no one else. Check out some of the great features of our domain service offering below. No other registrar give you all of these treats like we do. Register or transfer to us today and enjoy our stellar service.

Large TLDs to Choose From

Noworryhost boast of large selections of old and new tlds to choose from

Free WhoisGuard

Get WhoisGuard privacy protection for free with large selections of domains.

Low Pricing

All domains at noworryhost are reasonably price, starting from as low as N750/yr

Get SSL at Discounted Price

Get to buy SSL your certificate at less price with every domain purchase here.

Reliable DNS Technology

Our super worldwide DNS infrastructures keep your site running with zero downtime

Customer Service

24/7 support available to guide and answer your domain names questions.


Do your offer free domains?

Yes we do for some of our web hosting plans. See here for details of the web hosting plans with a free domain offer. Depending on the domain you are picking up, you could get any of the classic ones: .com, .org, net, etc or some of the new ones such .ng, .website, .online, .site, .store and many others.

my website is not ready. can i buy now?

Yes you can. Its advisable to register your domain as soon as possible even if your website is not ready. There are advantages for doing so. Your desire domain may become unavailable if you wait till when your website is ready before you buy. Also, it boosts SEO, as Google loves aged domain.

WHAT DO I NEED TO register a domain?

For most domains, there are no any form of paper works required. Just a valid registrant’s email, contact address, and telephone are all that are required. Some few exceptions, major of which are for government establishments required some documentations and proof of identifications before it can be registered. Example of such domains include .GOV.NG, .GOV.UK, and .GOV.US. In addition, some ccTLDs requires that the registrants have an aaddress in the geographical area the ccTLD applies to. Example is the .IT ccTLD for Italy.

What is TLD?

TLD is short for Top-level Domain. It is the part of a domain name to the right of the dot (e.g., the “com” or the “org”in and There are presently two types of TLDs. Generic domain names (gTLDs) and Country code domain names (ccTLDs). gTLDs are the largest group of domains and account for most of the newly available domains, whereas ccTLDs are generally assigned to specific geographic locations (for example, .NG, .DE, .UK, and .CA).

How much does a domain cost?

Prices of domains varies. It depends on a number of factors such as the extension, place of purchase, number of years and add-ons you select. Generally, it ranges from $2(N750) to as high as $35(N12,000) for fresh registrations in some instances.

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