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Your domain name is your major identity online. It is an important factor in having a full online presence.

For you to have a full online presence, you will need your own fully branded website. A fully branded website also requires that you buy domain of your own, a fully branded web address or name e.g. or not an appendage to someone else identity e.g

Noworryhost make buying domains or and registering one easy. We are the best place to buy domain names, the good ones, cheap on the internet. Transferring your domain here too, for better service is also easy.

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Domain Pricing

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DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.com₦39001 ₦4000₦3750₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.ng₦105501 ₦11550₦10500
.org₦48501 ₦5000₦4750₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.net₦53501 ₦5550₦5150₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.xyz₦9501 ₦4800₦4800₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦9501 ₦1450₦2000₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦125001 ₦12500₦12500₦125001 ₦12500₦12500₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦150001 ₦15000₦15000
.biz₦59001 ₦5900₦5900
.info₦55001 ₦5500₦5500
.win₦29101 ₦2910₦2910

Domain Tools

Domain Checker & Domain Whois

Check domain availability

Use this name availability checker to check if your desired name for your website is available. It is also a name spinner. By that, it means the tool also generates different alternatives to your desired name with diffrent old and new TLDs.

Check who owns a domain

A domain Whois Lookup.Find out who owns that domain name! Their details, name, address, etc. Whois also contains domain availability status, registration/expiration dates and related info. However, all of these wiil be hidden if the registrant has in a place a Whois Privacy Protection.

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