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DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.com₦39001 ₦4000₦3750₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.ng₦105501 ₦11550₦10500
.org₦48501 ₦5000₦4750₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.net₦53501 ₦5550₦5150₦12501 ₦1450₦2750
.xyz₦9501 ₦4800₦4800₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦9501 ₦1450₦2000₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦125001 ₦12500₦12500₦125001 ₦12500₦12500₦14501 ₦1450₦2000₦150001 ₦15000₦15000
.biz₦59001 ₦5900₦5900
.info₦55001 ₦5500₦5500
.win₦29101 ₦2910₦2910

Domain Availability Checker / Domain Names Generator

Use this domain name availability checker to check if your prefered or desired domain name for your new website is available. The domain price is also display to help your final choice of domain.

The tool is also a name spinner. That is, it is a domain names generator. By that, it means the tool also generates different alternatives to your desired name with both different old and new tlds. So that if your desired domain isn’t available you can easily have a look at its other variations you might consider.