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Chrome 68 is here

On July 24th, Google officially launched Chrome 68.

With new features and security enhancements, Chrome continues to leverage its market dominance to push for a safer and more secure internet.

From the beginning, security has been one of Chrome’s core principles and one of the biggest changes in Chrome 68 is displaying ‘Not Secure’ warnings for websites not encrypted with HTTPS.

chrome 68 - ssl certificate is the cure

Nearly two years ago, Google announced that Chrome would eventually start marking all sites that are not encrypted with HTTPS as “Not Secure” as an attempt to motivate site owners to improve the security of their websites. With the release of Chrome 68, this has now become a reality.

Starting in October 2018, Google plans to start showing a red “Not Secure” warning when users enter data on pages that are not served using HTTPS.

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Browsers Now Display ‘Not Secure’ Warning

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