.ng domain name registration

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.ng domainsThe .NG is Nigeria’s unique domain name identity on the Domain Names namespace. Like the Nigerian currency the Naira and +234 country code, the .NG is the official ICANN approved ccTLD for Nigeria.

There are lots of advantages that come with your having the .NG domain.

When Nigerian internet users are searching online, there is a high tendency that they expect to see website addresses with .NG domain names.

Whether you are a Nigerian small, medium or big business owner, a professional chartered accountant, a school owner, an NGO, a petroleum engineer, an artist, or just someone who appreciates Nollywood and a diverse variety of food, a .NG domain name is for you!

And, like we always say here and as recommended by SEO experts, Google, Bing/Yahoo, AOL and other search engines love aged domains. This applies to the .ng domains too. So, even if you not ready to build a website, you can register your ng domain now and keep. It’s highly recommended.

In summary, here below are some of the benefits derivable from having the .NG domains.

SEO Advantage

Tells Google and other search engines a lot about your Nigerianness. This will help you rank higher in local searches

Target Market

If Nigeria is part of or your main market, having .NG domain name shows your strong connection with the people

Domain Availability

Domain names availability is better on the .ng ccTLD. If you can't get yourname.com. Simply go for yourname.ng or .com.ng


Security – the primary DNS servers are secured and locally managed with multiple Anycast servers located around the world.

Protect Your Brand

Registering your .ng name is one of the best preventative ways to secure your trademark and fight copyright infringement

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