Eko.com domain name sells for ₦542 million

Eko.com domain name sells for ₦542 million

A video company with offices in New York and Tel Aviv has reportedly purchased the short domain, Eko.com for a mega sum of $1.5 million.

$1.5 million is equivalent to ₦542,250,000.

The deal, according to reports, was consummated by two domain brokering firms, Uniregistry and Buy Domain Guide, LLC.

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Eko has been using HelloEko.com for its website. The newly snatched up domain, Eko.com now forwards to HelloEko.com.

Another screenshot of Eko website.
Upper section of Eko.com home page.

Although it is difficult to comprehend what the company does by a mere visit to its website, it describes itself as an interactive storytelling platform that lets users control the story.

It also says this about itself:

we’re building an ecosystem of engaged participants, forward-thinking creators, and innovative brands to pioneer the future of entertainment.

The company has also been recently linked in a deal with Walmart. In the said deal, the retail giant, Walmart will invest over $250 million into the company. While the company, Eko will develop over 100 video series over the next three years for Walmart in return. Read the company’s announcement about this deal here.

That’s all folks about this mega domain sale.

What say you? How much, max, can you drop for a domain a name? As you just read, that company just picked up Eko.com for ₦542 million. Can you do the same? Let’s hear your voice in the comment box below.

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