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Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name

Domain name has a big impact on the success or otherwise of any online venture.

It has an impact all over the web in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, to referring links, to type-in traffic, brandability, offline advertising, etc.

There are a huge wealth of places that your domain name impacts your brand and your online marketing, and you can’t ignore this. It is, therefore, pertinent that one take the pain to decide which one to use right from the onset.

Do not rush this decision. Thorough domain search at a good domain registrar is required in this decision process.


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The following are a summary of the 8 factors you are to considered before choosing a domain name:

Eight Factors to Considered Before Choosing a Domain Name


Make it brandable. Brandable, that is when you or someone hear it or say it, it sound like a brand. If it does not don’t use it. That means hyphens and numbers are a no-go area in this case because they don’t make something sound like a brand. Rather they make it sound generic, or they make it sound strange.


How pronounceable is it? This matters because of the concept called “processing fluency.” Processing fluency is a cognitive bias that human beings have where, essentially, we remember and have more positive associations with things that we can easily say and easily think about, and that includes pronounceability in our own minds. This is a little tricky as it depends on the language and countries you’re targeting. But certainly, if you can’t easily say the name and others are not easily able to guess how to say that name, you’re going to lose that processing fluency, you’re going to lose that memorability and all the benefits of the brandability that you’ve created.

The Shorter the better

Characters length also matters because of the processing fluency concept we earlier talked about. So, the fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, the easier it is to say, to share, the less it gets shortened on social media sharing platforms and in search results.

.Com Still the King

If you find it available go for it immediately! If not, if the person squatting on it is willing to sell and you can afford the price being asked, please go for it too. Although there are now many TLD extensions that one can use, for those that are not tech-savvy, and they are in majority, .com is still the most recognizable of all TLDs. Cognitive fluency, processing fluency, dictates that we should go with something that’s easy, that people have an association with already, and .com is still the primary thing that non-tech savvy folks have an association with. If available and affordable to you always go for it, if not make do with the other extensions.

Trade mark “Wahala” (Trade Mark Problem)

You must always avoid names that infringe on another company’s right. If you are challenged in court and the judge agrees with the company’s submission, that will be a great loss of efforts and other resources including financials ones. There is no two way about it. Your website and all the efforts and resources put into it will be shut down. So, Stay away from names that may lead to this.

Make it intuitive

Are you convinced that your present target audience and in the future, could immediately associate the domain name with a good guess of what they think you do? If yes that is a big plus. Your target audience being able to look at that domain name and can quickly guess what your company is about is a great advantage to your brand.

Keyword Stuffing

If you can get a keyword mention in your domain name it helps make it obvious what you do. So, go for it. But if you’re trying to target what would be called keyword rich or keyword targeted domains, we would generally advised that you stay away from those actually in 2017. They no longer carry the weight that they used to, and there are a lot of negative associations that users and search engines have about them that have made them become a burden than blessing. So stay away from such.

Add a Suffix or a Prefix

Last but not the least, if your name isn’t available, it’s okay to append or modify it. We said this previously. If your domain name is not available, it is okay to go out there and add a suffix or a prefix. It is okay to use an alternate TLD extension, like we talked about previously, and it’s okay to be a little bit creative with your online brand.

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