Help Keep .Org Domain Price Low

Help Keep .Org Domain Price Low

Help Keep .org domain price low. Say no to a new move by ICANN to remove price caps on this domain and other top level domain names.

According to a proposal by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), price caps on several top-level domains could be removed, consequently causing spiraling up of domain prices.

How .Org Domain Price And Other Domains Prices Are Set

Three parties are involved when you register a domain name.

The first is your domain name registrar, such as Noworryhost.

When you register a domain name at Noworryhost, we have to reserve the domain name through the domain name registry.

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The wholesale registry charges Noworryhost a set fee per domain name per year. Then the registrar, we, Noworryhost adds a little markup to cover things like transaction fees, provisioning domain services, support etc.

Think of us, the registrar as a domain name retailer and the registry as domain wholesaler.

There’s a lot of competition for domain name registrars. This keeps prices that companies like transaction fees and other registrar charge in check.

On the other hand, domain registries, have little competition. Only one registry can sell .org domains. The same goes for .info, .com, .net, etc.

A third group has historically kept the prices the registries charge registrars (Noworryhost and others) in check. ICANN includes a provision in its contracts with registries that limits what they can charge.

Now ICANN has proposed removing all price restrictions on .org, .biz and .info domain names!

This could caused a major impact on how much you pay to renew your domain names and register new ones.

Sky-high .Org Domain Prices May Occur

ICANN’s current contract with the .org domain registry, Public Interest Registry (PIR) permit them, PIR to increase the wholesale price of the domain by 10% a year.

Although that’s a lot itself, but at least it’s capped.

Now the proposal by ICANN aims to extend the contract to operate .org but letting the registry, PIR set whatever prices it wants. Rather than a 10% increase to renew your domain next year, it could suddenly start charging registrars 100 times as much. Registrars would have no choice than to pass the increase charges to customers.

This means that the price for the domain name you’ve been using for over a decade could shoot up. The registry has to tell the registrar six months in advance, but then they are free to charge whatever they want. Switching domain is hard, so you may no option than to pay the higher price or opt for other less expensive domains.

ICANN has also proposed lifting price caps on .info and .biz domain names.

The ICANN’s Excuse

ICANN has a bad justification for why it wants to remove the price caps, i.e remove price control.

ICANN, in 2012 started accepting applications to operate “new“ top level domains. Any company could apply to create alternative domains to .com on the right of the dot. That’s where domains like .xzy, .store and .guru came from.

The ICANN contracts for these new domains are different than for older domains such as .com or .org. ICANN didn’t impose any price restrictions on the new domains because the companies that applied for the domains put their own money at risk.

ICANN believes that the contracts to run older TLDs like .org should be the same as those for running new top-level domain names. This position ignores the long history of these legacy top-level domain names and how the contracts to run the registries were awarded.

Whereas new top-level domain companies risked their own money to introduce new domains, the registries running .org, .biz, etc. are merely stewards for what should be considered a resource that belongs to the web. And as you know, the web belongs to all of us, not a single individual or company.

How You Can Help Stop .Org Domain Price Hyke

ICANN is asking the Internet community for input on its proposal to remove price caps. You can make your voice heard.

If you want to help stop ICANN from allowing legacy top-level domain registries increase prices to infinity, now is the time to act. There are open comment periods for ICANN’s proposed new contracts, but you need to take action latest by April 29, 2019, before the comment windows close.

image of where you can add your comment against .org domain price cap removal

Please ensure you leave your comment on each proposal page listed below. It is for everyone’s benefit.

A Sample Comment By Someone From Africa

Here below is a sample comment which you can adopt or modify for your own comment:


I am a registrant of  .org domains from Africa. Please do not remove the price cap on this legacy domain because it will lead to high prices which I and others, particularly in Africa may not be able to afford.

Thank you.

Tayo Banjo,

Ijebu Ode, Nigeria

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