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How To Export/Import Your Revolution Sliders

How To Export/Import Your Revolution Sliders

Revolution Slider is a popular plugin that allows you to create and manage beautiful sliders for your websites in minutes.

The plugin also allows you to easily export/import your slides.

As you know, it’s always a good idea to backup your slides so you can easily import them again if you ever need to. Making slides generally takes a lot of time, make sure you export the data, so that you don’t ever lose the time you’ve spent on them.

However, the plugin only allows you to export each slider individually. When you export each slider you have made, it will give you an individual zip file that contains all the necessary files that make up the slider. Find below the 3 steps to export your revolution slider.

How To Export Revolution Slider

  1. Go to the Revolution Slider main page, see 1. in the image below
  2. Click the arrow button on the slider you want to export, see 2. in the image below
  3. Click Export. See 3 in the image

When you click “Export” in step 3 above you will receive a zip file with all the needed files inside.

Image of steps to export revolution slider


How To Import Revolution Sliders

On the Revolution Slider main click on the box with the label, “Import Slider”.  A dialogue window will open, Click the “Choose File” button for you to browse to where the zip file of the Slider you want to import is located and select your zip file then click Import.

Image of how to import revolution slider

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