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ICANN to approve Verisign’s  request for .com price increase
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

ICANN to approve Verisign’s request for .com price increase

Reports monitor online on DNW (Domain Name Wire) suggest .com price increase is on the way. According to DNW:

“ICANN is about to give Verisign its .com price increases”

Verisign is the registry for .com. The company is also the .net registry.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce updated its agreement with Verisign. The agreement allows Verisign to raise .com prices by up to 7% in four of six years. This, however, is only if ICANN agrees to allow the increases.

Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) held its quarterly investor call on Thursday 24, October 2019. Feelers from the event indicate ICANN is about to give the U.S company the .com price increase it desires. Verisign’s CEO James Bidzos’ comments at the event also give credence to this.

James Bidzos said:

We believe these discussions with ICANN are nearly complete. While it will be inappropriate at this time to provide more details, I can say that we were satisfied with the results so far. As noted, this is an ICANN process and we expect that before long ICANN will be publishing for public comment the documents we have been discussing.

DNW (Domain Name Wire) said: “Verisign won’t be satisfied without the full increases.”

It also said indications are high that ICANN will ignore comments disapproving the .com price increase when the updated contract goes out for public comment. “ICANN is likely to ignore any comments opposed to the price increases.”

“That’s what it did when it unilaterally decided to remove price caps on .org and .biz domain names.”

According to DNW, ICANN said it wants to get out of the domain price-regulating business. So it’s logical to assume it will defer to the U.S. government on the .com pricing.

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