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G Suite is a collection of in-the-cloud productivity tools and apps that help businesses to leverage the power of Google’s Machine Intelligence to build a smarter team. Efficiently Communicate with Gmail, Calendar, and Hangout. And, also Seamlessly Collaborate using Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites.


[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Professional Email – Get Gmail @yourcompany.com” description=”Send professional emails using you@yourdomain.com address. Enjoy the ease of use, security, and speed of professional email using Gmail, Outlook, etc on your own domain name.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2808″]
[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Calendar – Meetings & Meeting Scheduling Made Easy” description=”Schedule meetings easily, collaborate on video calls and sync them all with any of your mobile devices seamlessly and effortlessly from any location worldwide.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2809″]
[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Hangouts – Stay Connected Multiple Ways” description=”Whether on the field, in the office or at home, help your team stay together through Messaging, Voice and Video Calls and Meetings.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2810″]
[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Drive – 30GB Cloud Storage. Accessible from your devices” description=”Get 30GB cloud storage. Store and share files effortlessly in the cloud with advanced file management features, granular sharing permission settings and more.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2812″]
[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Docs – Create, Edit & Manage documents on the Go” description=”Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents hosted on the cloud. Enjoy real-time editing with all the latest review and text editing features.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2811″]
[ssdhostfeatures icontype=”imageicon” title=”Sheets – Spreadsheet Made Easy on all your devices” description=”Build, edit, and review spreadsheets online with all your stakeholders using this robust, feature-rich editor. Data manipulation, reporting, and sharing are now easy.” animation=”fadeInUp” imgicon=”2813″]
[ssdhosttext text=”Enhance Your Productivity” btnlabel=”Buy G Suite Now” btnurl=”https://www.noworryhost.com/members/cart.php?pid=30″]G Suite enhances productivity by allowing team/staff/partners work and collaborate on files and projects together online from anywhere in the world. This includes conducting meetings via video conference online in real time from any location and more. And, they can do all these effortlessly and seamlessly on any device ( computers, mobiles, and tabs).[/ssdhosttext]
[ssdhostsectheading margtype=”custom” heading=”THE G SUITE ADVANTAGE” margintop=”50″ marginbottom=”-20″]

30GB Storage

Large storage space, 30GB across all the Google Apps powered by the powerful Google's Cloud platform.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Always available. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, G Suite never lets you down. Always on 24/7/365 days.

Email on-the-go

With mobile support for the complete suite of apps, work will never stop and business will never sleep.

Secured by Google

G Suite comes with multifactor authentication and strong encryption for data sent and receive over the net.

Complete 24/7 Support

You will always find a helping hand close by with support coming from Google. Phone, Email & Chat Support.

No Advertising

No distractions. Completely ad-free suite enhances your team's ability to focus on work and get more stuff done.

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