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Image indication of SSLThere are security threats online. Data theft and many others are everywhere. You need to put security measures in place to protect yourself and your customers. That’s why at NoworryHost we offer two main channels of security: WhoisGuard service to domain name owners and a wide variety of SSL certificates to protect your website’s users and visitors.


This is Protection For You.

As a domain name and website owner, our WhoisGuard privacy protection service help removes your contact info out of the public Whois database. It keeps your private information private, reduces spam, protects you from identity thieves, decreases spam, and wards off internet marketers.

At NoworryHost WhoisGuard plans are very affordable, and you get one year free with every new domain registration or transfer.

SSL Certificates

This is Security for Your Customers.

Installing SSL certificates is an excellent way to protect your site’s customers and visitors against identity theft. And Noworryhost has a wide range of SSL certificates products available: We offer basic to in-depth validation, for one website or several sites.

When you buy an SSL certificate from us, you get a free site seal, 99% browser ubiquity, a money-back guarantee and all the data protection your customers demand.

We have SSL options for everybody. Our SSL products range from basic to advanced, from single- to multi-domain. We have security solutions to fit every business and every budget.

Premium DNS

At Noworryhost we know how important DNS uptime is to your online business, that’s why we offer PremiumDNS. For less than N2,000 a year, your business can take advantage of a secure, globally available DNS service.