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Cure Your Site’s ‘Not Secure’ Warning

Cure Your Site’s ‘Not Secure’ Warning

Chrome 68 brought the ‘Not Secure’ warning

The mandatory requirement for websites to ensure security and safety on the internet has been indicated by Google and others since early 2017.

Google Chrome 68 has launched with its dreaded ‘Not Secure’ warning unleashed on sites that have no SSL. Read more about it here.

And, one of its major effects, the display of  the ‘Not Secure’ warning, is already effective on sites with no SSL .

The search giant announced this will happened before in a blog post in February 2018, about the release of a new update for Google Chrome (Chrome 68). This update has since been released according to schedule in July 2018.

ssl certificateIn the Chrome 68 update, Google now shows directly in the top left of the URL bar whether websites have a secure connection and it is indicated by a green lock and an HTTPS connection.

If your site does not have an HTTPS connection, the URL bar will state that the website is ‘Not Secure’.  As you know, this does not inspire confidence for website visitors, which can cause you to miss out on traffic, conversion, and sales.

Google and other internet companies are interested in a secure web. SSL on websites is one of the vehicle to achieve this. Hence, their interest in ensuring all sites have SSL.

SSL Certs is the remedy you need for the not secure warning

ssl protects your website and stop not secure warning from showing on your siteAn SSL Certificate is a virile and potent solution to the Chrome 68’s ‘Not Secure’ warning now showing on websites without SSL.

SSL certficate as you know protects all data exchanges on a website. Think of personal data, online purchases, and financial transactions. These confidential pieces of information may end up in the hands of cyber criminals if there is no SSL on a website.

Also, if your website has an SSL certificate, it gives confidence and trust to its users. It show your visitors and customers that their data are handled securely on your site.

Since Google and other browsers have started imposing the Not Secure warning on sites without SSL, it only means the antidote not to be marked as not secure is the SSL.

Yes, it is! And, it is also the cure if your site has been marked with the not secure warning before. Because the warning will diappeared once SSL is installed on it.

In conclusion, to avoid your website displaying not secure, simply install an SSL Certificate – the very virile and potent solution to chrome 68.

Installing an SSL certificate

If your website does not yet have an SSL, HTTPS connection, our team can arrange one quickly for you. For only N290 per month, you will have an SSL certificate installed quickly on your website.

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