Website – No longer a luxury

Website – No longer a luxury

Gone are the days when having a website is often term a luxury, that only business that is already successful and comfortable need to have it as a show-off item.

Nowadays, a website is a necessity for every business. The reason is not far-fetched. People are moving online.

Your potential customers, young and old, male and female are all moving online. People are spending more time online unlike previously.

Every day, more and more people are now turning to the internet to search for products and services. They are no more only searching, they are actually buying online.


In order to stay relevant, to be found by people searching online or even to be noticed by people playing or doing something else online, your business needs to be online too. A business needs to be where the people are. That is a basic fact of business. Don’t you agree?

Every minute people are searching the internet. Some are searching for the products or services you offer. Some are searching to buy similar or exactly the same products you are selling or producing. Some are searching to patronize similarly or exactly the same service you are rendering.

As you are reading this, some are searching to partner with someone like you, some are searching to offer you better prices on that materials you needed so badly.

Believe it or not, Some are even searching to offer you a cheaper source of finance. Yes! That is true. Finance companies are also checking and profiling good and genuine businesses they can offer their services to.

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Will all these online searchers find you? Will they find the correct information about you as you would want them to?

Getting your business listed on free and paid online business directory or yellow pages is one sure way of getting online and getting found. It is excellent and I encourage it a lot.

But hey, it is not sufficient. You must create your own website. You must have your own building, your own space on the net with your full control over it. Online Yellow Pages and Business Directory does not give this.

Unlike yellow pages and directory, a website allows you to present your business/organisation/school/NGO/ministry/church to the
World exactly how you want it. This is something business listing won’t allow, and which is very important. Yellow Pages and Directory only allows little or basic info in a predetermined/ structured format.

With your own a website, you have unlimited freedom of what to put out there or not.

What will a website do for your business?

It will break down the barrier which geographical location naturally imposes on business. With a website, you are no longer limited to your local environment for clients, materials, etc. You are now able to accept orders from far away places. Likewise far away suppliers can contact you through your website to do business with you.

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A website is like super-employee or tool. It will extend the capacity of your business to sell or attend to clients beyond what normally obtains. It is a super-employee or tool because of its multifaceted functionalities. It can act as PA, Salesman, Office Clerk, Receptionist, Show Room, Catalogue, show Glass or Display Window, all roll into one. It can take orders, accept payment, process order and serve your clients even when you are asleep.

With a website, the possibility of your losing a sale, a business deal or transaction because you’re closed for the day, on holiday or simply unavailable is drastically reduced. A website will be available to attend to business inquiries on your behalf 24/7.

From all the foregoing, last but not least, and if fully deployed, a website will reduce your operational cost drastically and makes your business more efficient.

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