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Your website is not secure without SSL

Your website is not secure without SSL

Your website is not secure without SSL. If your website does not have SSL, your website is not safe for users and visitors alike. And, it will display the ‘Not Secure’ warning to everyone who visits it.

Get an SSL installed today! It is an automatic cure for the security warning. Once you have it, the warning stops displaying.

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There is no two ways about it, If your website doesn’t have an SSL installed, it is ?% certain that Google’s Chrome and other browsers are now displaying the ‘Not Secure’ warning notice to your site’s visitors.

The stopping of the not secure security warning is one of the secondary functions of the SSL. Majorly, the SSL provide basic protection for your website. Once installed, all interactions with your website by users and visitors become encrypted against cyber eavesdropping and data theft by criminals on the net.

SSL also gives confidence to your site’s visitors that your website is safe to use or interact with.

Last but not least, it helps in your SEO ranking. Because a safe internet is the desire of Google. Because of this, the search giant gives consideration to secure websites (sites withh SSL) over insecure sites (sites without SSL) in google ranking.

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Do you have a website? Does it have SSL installed?

Buy one and install today for only ₦2,999 for 1 full year from Noworryhost. The team at Noworryhost will also help you to install it free of any extra charge.

Go on now, stop ‘Not Secure’ from displaying on your website, also protects your site against online criminals, and in addition get SEO advantage. Click here!

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